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The Creative Process

Theatre for All explores a wide range of artistic and theatrical and artistic mediums through our 4 companies:

  • Music

  • Dance

  • Improv

  • Comedy

  • Puppetry

  • Script work

  • Spoken word

  • Singing and voice

  • Fundamentals of Theatre

Diversity and Inclusion
Large Group Performance

TFA plays are always original. They are inspired by the passion and talents of every member. The directors and actors work together to develop a range ideas into a unique, high quality production. 

TFA performances are changing the way people experience people with disabilities, over turning outdated stereotypes. The shows are beautiful, moving, provocative, funny and engaging just like any piece of good theatre. And oh yes, a majority of the performers have a disability. 

Theatre for all Performance Company

Performance Company

Creates high quality, original shows that are performed to a public audience.

Academy Company

Trains with local and national artists to learn new skills.

Theatre for all Academy Company

Dance Company

Explores a wide range of styles and performs original choreography.

Theatre for all Dance Company

Choir Company

Sing Your Heart Song!

Theatre for all Choir Company

If you have a passion for the arts, you've found your people. Join us today!

Large Theatre

Saquoia, Performer

"My name is Saquoia and I love to sing. Sometimes the words just pour out of me and I can free style on the mic for hours! I love being part of TFA and love my TFA Family!"
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