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A Theatre Company
for People with Disabilities
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What We Do


Theatre for All is a theatre company for adults with disabilities. 


The TFA Performance Company creates multiple unique performances a year, and the Academy Company develops their skills with guest Artists.


Members (18+) switch companies so everyone benefits from both experiences in a one year period.

The TFA Dance Company and Choir meet 

weekly, creating performance pieces.


The TFA Outreach program brings the creative arts to students with disabilities in underserved schools.


The TFA Leadership Training empowers members to be assistant TFA teaching assistants and provides employment opportunities. 


TFA also runs summer camps.


We believe that everyone deserves access to the arts.


We love our theatre family!

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See TFA's Short film that screened at Cucalorus and the Portland
Film Festival!
Official Theatre for All company performs A Winter Story.Chris plays Elvis.

When you 'become a Friend' of Theatre for All....


We're not going to bombard you with emails! (Ain't no one got time for that!) 

But we are going to let you know when our next production is.

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