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A Theatre Company for People with disAbilities

The Mayor came to our show!
Theatre for All with Mayor Saffo


Welcome to Theatre for All, where we champion inclusivity in the performing arts. Our mission is to empower individuals with disabilities, nurture community connections, and overturn stereotypes through performance arts.

Our diverse programs, including performance companies, dance, choir, Outreach, leadership training, and summer camps, ensure that everyone can experience the magic of the arts.

Find out more about joining and supporting our theater family and lets reframe who we expect to see on our stages, for a more inclusive world.

Welcome to Theatre for All: Where You Belong


We celebrate diversity and embrace everyone's unique abilities



We nurture artistic innovation and creativity in all that we do.

Theatre Empowerment


We empower individuals to overcome limitations and shine as stars on and off the stage.


Picture Perfect

Donation Night: May 30th @ 7:00pm 

Gala Fundraiser: May 31st, doors open @ 6:00pm, refreshments and pre show entertainment

Where: Hannah Block Arts Center, Wilmington, NC


Large Theatre
Anna has been with TFA for 8 years

Anna DeSanctis, Performer

"Hi my name is Anna DeSanctis. I’m one of the original members of the company. In my free time I take dance, I’m a special Olympics athlete, I cheerlead for the New Hanover Special Olympics shining stars, I bowl, spending time with my friends both at theater and outside. What theater for all means to me is: Family, Acceptance, Creativity. A place where I’m not afraid to just be myself."

Theatre For All Companies

Theatre for All explores a wide range of artistic and theatrical mediums through our four dynamic companies:

Our approach encourages members to explore different creative facets by seamlessly transitioning between our Academy Company and Performance Company within a single year. Additionally, we have TFADC for those who love to dance, and Choir, for the singers. All TFA companies have a limited capacity but we are constantly expanding, so if you were born to perform and are ready to dedicate your time to your art, you've found your people. Reach out to find out more about joining the TFA theatre family!

Explore our Outreach programs and Summer Camp to discover how you can get involved!

One of the TFA Outreach company
Summer Camp 2015
Large Theatre
Jeremy is one of musicians

Jeremy Vest, Performer

"Hi, I am Jeremy Vest. I am 32 years old. I am an actor and musician. I have acted in a few films and play drums in the Cape Fear Community College jazz band.  I have Williams Syndrome. I love being a part of Theatre for All."

Ways to Support Theatre for All

A Night's Tale was nominated Best Original Play

Support the magic of inclusivity on stage – make a donation today to empower Theatre for All!

Brittany shines
TFADC at the Wilmington Dance Festival

Join our mission to make a difference in the performing arts world – volunteer with Theatre for All!

TPYA Outreach!

Community Partners

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our valued community partners. Your unwavering support and collaboration are the cornerstones of our success, and we deeply appreciate your commitment to our shared mission.

Together, we make the extraordinary possible.

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Theatre For All is a company that holds commitment in the highest regard. It demands discipline, unwavering dedication, and an abiding passion for the theater. We believe in the transformative power of the performing arts and are committed to fostering a community that shares in this commitment. Join us in our journey to make the world of theater accessible to all, where dedication and passion are the driving forces behind every performance.

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