In September 2014, we launched our outreach program in New Hanover County schools and transition programs.


Since then, we have provided hundreds of students with disabilities the unique opportunity to explore the performing arts. For many of our students, this is their only chance to experience the arts.

Teachers are amazed and enthusiastic about how participating in our program benefits their students, both on stage and off. 

Classes include:

  • Dance

  • Music

  • Improv

  • Spoken Word

  • Puppetry

  • Mask Work

  • Singing

  • Back Stage Skills

  • Serious Fun                                                                                   

Through a creative process, students devise and perform their own unique shows in professional theaters for family and friends. 


  • Families celebrate the unique talents of their children.

  • The wider community experience people with disabilities in a whole new light.






This program is provided for free. And even if we say so ourselves, Theatre for All is dearly loved by teachers, students and families!

“Kim has had quite an impact on our students. I've seen some who

are usually quiet, use their voices. Students who don't like

to move, dance. Those who have difficulty with

communicating emotions, express themselves. They shine brightly. 

Kim does an amazing job.  Her positive spirit, creativity, and love

for what she does is profound. My students have walked away feeling

accomplished, successful, and worthy of praise.“   


Janet Hughes, Lead teacher of the Transitions program.

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And thank you in advance from the Theatre for All team and the many hundreds of students, teachers and families who value our work. 

Miss Bailey watches her students at Laney High School.

"The Magical Wave Bus" Spring 2017

This is Chris and Ms. Kim. Chris is deaf. He gets very excited when we all learn to sign the final song in our shows. 

We're suddenly all speaking his language for a change!