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TFA Choir

Choir Company

Sing Your Heart Song!


The TFA Choir meets weekly to sing our hearts out together! We learn all sorts of songs from Disney medleys, to acapella pieces, to our favorites. Practice makes perfect, and we are constantly challenging ourselves to create more harmonies, more dynamics, and more joy with our choir performances.


Our community performances include singing for the NC legislature at Arts Day in Raleigh,

Spiritual Soul Center, The Buddy Walk, and the Azalea Festival. 

Our Choir Company stands ready to infuse your event with mesmerizing performances, adding creativity and passion to make it truly memorable. Contact us today to schedule a performance. 

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Theatre For All is a company that holds commitment in the highest regard. It demands discipline, unwavering dedication, and an abiding passion for the theater. We believe in the transformative power of the performing arts and are committed to fostering a community that shares in this commitment. Join us in our journey to make the world of theater accessible to all, where dedication and passion are the driving forces behind every performance.

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