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Theatre for All
A scene from a TFA original play

What People Say 

“I love Theatre for All. I love being with theatre for all, it is the best thing and so is being able to act with my best friend. It’s a dream come true! Love my theatre family.”  


Joseph Sisk, Theatre for All company member

“I’ve been apart of the Saturday morning Theater

company since it started and I love it. It’s like we are

all one big family with lots of different characteristics.

I love seeing everyone’s self confidence grow,

both in class and on stage.”  


Anna DeSanctis, Theatre for All company member

“Kim has had quite an impact on our students. 

I've seen some who are usually quiet, use their

voices and get noisy.  I’ve seen students who

don't like to move, dance. I’ve seen students who have difficulty with communicating emotions,

express themselves on the stage. Their self-confidence grew with each rehearsal. For some, it was the first time they had ever stood on a stage or in front of an audience. They smiled.  They laughed. They shone

brightly. Kim did an amazing job.  Her positive spirit, creativity, and love for what she does is profound.  It was quite the experience watching her work her magic and bring it all out in them.  They have walked away feeling accomplished, successful, and worthy of praise. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you.“   


Janet Hughes, Lead teacher of the Transitions program


“My daughter attends theater for all, She has been going for a couple of year's now and loves it more then just about anything else she does. It's a group of caring, loving people who are devoted to the program. Casey has learned patience, tolerance and sharing. I can't imagine her not having Theater for All at 10:30 on Saturday mornings.”


Pat Wiegand, mother of a Theatre For All performer



“Theater for all is expression in all its glory. My son has been attending classes for a few years now and loves it. He can be himself and can express himself non-verbally. He feels freedom in every production. The teachers have done a wonderful job helping the students shine in their own unique way.”  


Carolina Matt, mother of a Theatre for All performer


“Our son, Jeremy, loves Theatre for All. He enjoys the weekly classes and the opportunity to create a new, original show each semester. Each actor creates a role and gets a chance to perform and shine. Everyone is included regardless of their disability. These students accept each other and work together so that everyone can succeed.” 


Sue Vest, mother of Theatre for All performer.


“My son Seth has been in theater for all with Kim Henry since he

has been at Laney. Theater for All has made a positive impact, not

only with the people they teach, but the families of these beautiful,

exceptional people. We are so blessed to have such an amazing

opportunity for our community. Theater for all changed our son's

life for the better. The kid who refused to participate, covered his

ears, and had massive meltdowns, is now participating and loving

what he is doing. We all love Theater for All.”  


Stacey Adams, Mother of a student at Laney High School who attended outreach programs.


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