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"Hi my name is Anna DeSanctis. I’m one of the original members of the company. In my free time I take dance, I’m a special Olympics athlete, I cheerlead for the New Hanover Special Olympics shining stars, I bowl, spending time with my friends both at theater and outside. What theater for all means to me is: Family, Acceptance, Creativity. A place where I’m not afraid to just be myself."

"Hi, I am Jeremy Vest. I am 32 years old. I am an actor and musician. I have acted in a few films and play drums in the Cape Fear Community College jazz band.  I have Williams Syndrome. I love being a part of Theatre for All."


"Hey, I'm Chris. I love professional wresting. I also love to dance in our shows. I've been Prince, The Beach Boys, Gaston, Michael Jackson and of course...ELvis. My favorite is dancing with Gina."


 "Hi, My name is Allon Nir. I am an actor and stand-up comedian who enjoys Theatre for All immensely. I truly feel at home with the

compassion I receive from my teammates and instructors. The camaraderie that shines down upon the entire troupe envelopes what makes up a “Theatre Family.” It is quite the spectacle - not to mention I am allowed to showcase my stand-up acts at the start of the performances. It is a dream come true and I hope to improve even more."


"I am Drew and I have been with Theater for All since 2015. Some things I enjoy in class are dancing to the music and pantomime activities. I look forward to the performances at the end because I like to hear the audience laugh and clap for us. I also like seeing my classmates perform and cheer me on."

"I am Emily Mary Jahn. I love being on stage and being the Drama Queen! I love performing when everyone is there, feet going wild! It is an awesome feeling. Theatre for All makes it happen, how awesome is that?!"

"I'm Jill. I love to dance. Theatre for All is my favorite thing. I Love being there. It's all about everybody.  I like how we work as a team."

"Hi I am Bailey Smith. I have high functioning autism spectrum. We found out when I was at the age of 4. I have a heart for law enforcement. I have a dad who is a law enforcement officer and I love being with special needs people, my dream is to be a special ed teacher, I love to dance, act and sing. I am very blessed to be with theatre for all!" 

Hi, I'm Joseph. I joined Theatre for All with my best friend Allon in January 2016. I am a writer and an actor and have been in theatre since I was 5 years old. I look forward to every rehearsal! I love to create new things with TFA - my theatre family!

"Hi, I'm Tamara. I'm 28 years old I love hanging out with my friends and bowling. I am in my 6th year working at my home church preschool! I love playing tennis and am in angels Karate class and Shining Stars Cheerleaders for 3 years. I love to sing, and dance. But my favorite place to be is Theater for All on Saturday mornings!"

Email:  info@theatreforall.org


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