Official Company!

In January 2019 we created are second official TFA company!

We now have a Performance Company and an Academy Company that train with guest teachers and work together to create unique shows for our beloved audience.

We are open to people with disabilities (age 16 and up) who have a passion for theatre.


Theatre for All explores a wide range of theatrical and artistic mediums:

  • Music

  • Dance

  • Improv

  • Comedy

  • Puppetry

  • Script work

  • Spoken word

  • Singing and voice

  • Fundamentals of theatre

The Theatre for All Creative Process 

TFA plays are always original. They are inspired by the interests and talents of every member of the company. The directors and actors work together to develop the ideas into an original production. TFA shows explore a diverse range of themes and artistic genres, and are praised for their high level of artistic integrity.




Kim Henry

910 616 9180

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